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Dear Forest Hill Families, 

I am truly excited to continue this year as the Principal at Forest Hill CLC. I look forward to working with each and every one of you, and hope that your family will embrace the team members and other families at Forest Hill so we can combine our resources and work together as one. With a global pandemic spread across our country, this will surely be a difficult time for some of our families. We are here to help and implore you to reach out to the school if you find yourself needing anything. 

Please mark these important dates on your calendar: 

September 8 Drive-through Open House for Grades: 1, 2 & 3 from 4pm - 6pm 

September 9 Drive-through Open House for Grades: 4 & 5 from 4pm - 6pm 

September 10 First day of remote learning for grades 2, 3, 4 

September 10 Drive-through Open House for Grades: Kindergarten from 4pm - 6 pm 

September 11 First day of remote learning for grade 5 

September 14 First day of remote learning for grades K, 1 

Remote Learning - The APS School Board voted at a recent Board meeting to postpone in person learning for at least the first 9 weeks of the school year. All students will, instead, take part in a remote learning environment. Students have all been issued a chromebook. If you are new to the building and your child does not have a chromebook, or if their chromebook is broken or lost, please contact our main office for further direction. All students will be assigned to join Google Classrooms created by all of their teachers. This will be our main mode of learning until we can return to the classroom for face to face instruction. Please remember that everything that is being done on the chromebook is being electronically monitored, but, as with any system, there are flaws, so be sure to monitor your child’s chromebook usage. 

Uniform Reminder - The APS School Board has voted to loosen the uniform requirements for the current school year. This means that students do not have to wear the traditional polo and slacks. Please remember that school appropriate clothing should be worn during our virtual learning sessions, and upon return to the school when that happens. 

Attendance - During remote learning, our student’s school day is from 9am - 2pm

- As with a regular in person school year, your student’s attendance during remote learning is mandatory and will be counted each day. - Students will begin their remote instruction online each day at 9am by joining the Classroom MEET.
- As with the regular school year, if your student is marked absent by the classroom 
teacher you will receive a phone call notifying you of that absence around 10am. During remote learning, we will also be taking attendance in the afternoon. If your student is not logged in remotely to the teacher’s classroom after lunch you will receive a phone call around 1:15pm as notification. 

Lunch Availability - School lunches will be available at Forest Hill’s main door, Monday through Friday from 10am - 12pm throughout the course of the year. This is a time of day that no academic work will be scheduled for students so they can focus on getting their lunch and eating within this hour time period. We will use the same drive through procedures as we did during the summer. 

Kindergarten and First Grade Screeners - Kindergarten and First grade families will be contacted to set up an in-person appointment for your student to take a beginning of the year screener test. This will consist of an academic screening, health and wellness screenings, and will serve as the time we will pass out new technology to our incoming kindergarten students. Your family will be contacted soon to set up a time. 

Emergency Card - Over the summer you should have received an APS school packet. This envelope contains very important information. Your child’s emergency card electronic code is a part of the packet and you must complete the emergency card online. If you cannot find this code, please contact the main office. If any of the information changes on the emergency card throughout the school year, please either call the office and alert us to the changes, or make the changes on your own in the electronic system. Emergency contacts are only used if there is an emergency and the guardian cannot be reached. 

IMPORTANT: Correct phone numbers and e-mail addresses are more important than ever in a remote learning environment as they will be our main source of communication. Please be sure to update the emergency card with the most accurate information. 

Communication - In a remote environment, communication is key. Please make sure that you are regularly calling or emailing your child’s teacher with any possible questions or concerns. We believe in open two-way communication. Listen for a phone call each Friday around 5pm for the Weekly Update all-call from the principal. If you don’t receive the phone call on Friday evening, that means we do not have your updated phone number. Please be sure to update your contact information with Mrs. Clarke in the main office. Even if you send your new phone number to the classroom teacher, please call the main office with that new number as well. 

Focus - During this school year we are going to be asking your children to fully engage in their learning, take risks, and to not be afraid to make mistakes. Students who are engaged in the lesson, listening to what the teacher is saying and actively participating in lessons and activities, will not only learn more, but they will be happier with school as well. We ask you, as their caregivers, to work with them in the evenings and engage your children in conversation about their day. Ask them questions about what they did, what they learned, what risks they took, and who they worked with. Communicate with their teachers if there are any issues, and work together as a team with the school to clear the path for academic success for your children. We all want to see your children soar and become lifelong learners who love coming to school and who cannot wait to learn every day. 

As always, I’d like to end our communication with our Forest Hill Mission Statement: We come to school to work, learn, and make good decisions! 

Have a safe and happy conclusion to summer, and we look forward to seeing you all very soon! 

Warm Regards,

Sarah Core
Forest Hill CLC


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